Clever is an application access platform for students and staff. Here you will find many applications such as Wonders textbooks, StudySync, Lexia, Dreambox, ST Math, Brainpop and many more!

You can personalize your staff portal or classroom pages. Find out more below!

Students and Teachers can access the Clever Portal HERE or

Click on "Sign in with Google" and make sure you use your email and password to login

Students who are logged into a Chromebook will see the Clever portal come up as an open tab in the browser.

Clever Portal for teachers

To learn how to use Clever in your classroom take the Clever course in RISE

Teacher Dashboard

Launching Apps

When teachers are logged into the Clever portal, they can launch applications for their entire class. Watch this video to learn how.

Teacher Pages

Teachers have the option to create 'Teacher Pages' for their students - pages customized by the teacher that will only show up for the students in their rostered classes. These pages can be easily customized by the teacher with assignments, cloud-hosted files, links and other resources that are specific to just their students, without cluttering the district portal for anyone else. Students see the Teacher Pages for their classes at the top of their Clever Portal.

To get started with your teacher page:

Go to your Homeroom tab, and look for the Pages section at the top.

You’ll already have a default Teacher Page to begin working with, but you can create as many pages as you’d like!

A private page is created for you when you first set up your Clever account. To create a new page, simply click the green + Add button in the bottom right corner, and select Page.

Once in a page, you can add resources by clicking the green + Add button in the bottom right corner of the page.

Adding apps and links

To add an app your district offers, just click the green + Add button, select App, then search for the app name. You’ll see the word “district” below the app name. You can also add apps you’ve found and that have been district approved (more on that in the lesson on Clever Library)!

If you have a PDF or link you’d like to share, like a link to a Google Form, you’ll click the same green + Add button, and select Link or PDF. Heads up: Teachers cannot add a district link via the green + Add button, but they can make their own link using the same URL.

Check if students have logged in

All students logged into a Chromebook will see the Clever Portal Page pop up in their Chrome browser. If they are using a personal device they can use the Google Single Sign on option.

Student View

All students will be able to see your Teacher Page, instant login applications and links when they login to their Clever Portal.

Once they click on the Teacher Page icon, they'll be presented with your teacher page.

Watch the video below for an overview of the student experience in Clever Portal

How to favorite applications

1. In Portal view scroll to the application icon you want to favorite and click on the heart on the upper right hand corner of the icon.

2. This will create a new category at the top of your Portal called 'Favorited Resources'.

(To remove an application from your 'Favorited Resources', click the heart again on the top right corner.

Note: Favoriting resources is only reflected in individual portals. Resources that teachers favorite will not be favorited for students.