Gmail Transition

There are a variety of opportunities for all stakeholders to learn about Gmail, how to use it, and what to expect.

The following type of learning resources are available 24/7 for all staff:

Add Email Account to

Adding Gmail to your Android Device

iOS Gmail- Add account

Adding Gmail to your iOS Device

Video Based Tutorials on How to Use Gmail

Video Based Tutorials on How to Use Google Calendar

Self Paced Tutorials

How to Documents

Recordins of the webinars that we have performed

Gmail & Google Calendar Training Slides

More Details

You can access your Gmail account today by going to and logging in with your email address.

Below is a list of the items that have been automatically copied over from your RUSD.K12 to Gmail for all of the staff in RUSD:


  • Emails

  • Email Folders

  • Email Attachments

  • Deleted Items Folder

  • Email Read State

  • Folder Structure

  • Large Email Attachments

  • Special folders

  • Folder Name Special Characters

  • Reserved Label Names

  • Priority

  • Categories

  • Optional Folder Structure

  • Rules / Filters

Google Calendar

  • Individual Events

  • Recurring Events

  • Event Attendees

  • Attendee Responses

  • Secondary Calendars

  • Calendar Reminders

  • Calendar Timezone

  • Resource Calendars

Additional Items

  • Personal Contacts

  • Tasks

  • Individual Task Due Dates

  • Recurring tasks

  • Tasks Subfolders


  • Signature

  • Vacation settings

  • Email Folder Structure

  • Individual Calendar Sharing Permissions

Schedule a training!

If your site or department would like to set up a training with our department please have your administrator email and provide details about the request.