How to Create a New Work Order

Open the Tech Works website in a browser -

Logging into Tech Works

  1. Enter your district username into User Name field.

  • This is the same username entered before the @ symbol in your email address.

  1. Enter your username password into the Password field.

  • The password will be the same one used to access Google and email.

Navigating to a New Work Order

  1. Select the Tech Works tab on the left side of website

  2. Select Work Orders

  3. Select New Work Order

Filling out the Work Order Form

Enter information in the following fields:

  • Location at Site - Enter the room or location where the work needs to be completed

  • Service Type (Required) - select from the drop-down menu the service type needed. Click HERE for descriptions of the service types

  • Serial Numbers & RUSD Tags - Enter information for device in need of service

  • Description (Required) - describe the technical issue or request. Include information such as staff name, student ID, student name and further contact information

  • Attach File - attach any screenshots, photos or documents that pertain to technical requests here

Other fields are filled out automatically based on the current logged in user. Information can be changed in the following fields as needed:

  • Contact (Required) - When creating a work order for another user, click on the pencil icon and enter the staff members name (Last Name, First Name). The Site Name field will automatically change to the contact's location.

  • Phone - Type in your preferred contact phone number. The Phone field information will automatically display the extension of the person entered in the Contact field.

Save, Cancel, & Clear Buttons

  • Save - select when your new work order is filled out and ready to be submitted

  • Cancel - select if the new work order is no longer needed

  • Clear - information entered into the work order template will be removed and the default information will be displayed