Work Order Service Types

Account Maintenance

  • Distribution group Change

  • Password reset (teacher or staff)

  • User Account Activation

Long term subs, contractors, SRO's, tutors, non-employees, etc.

Aeries SIS

  • Aeries SIS

Queries, reports, custom tables, parent portal, permissions, login issues, Data Validations, Analytics, and/or navigation support.
  • Aeries/CALPADS coaching

Personalized onsite or virtual Aeries and/or CALPADS training. Please describe what type of training/support in detail.
  • Student enrollment

Student enrollment questions, errors, or corrections.
  • Student photos upload


Account maintenance, student data updates, report requests.

Computer Related

  • Chromebook

  • Computer

Anything related directly to your computer, including the system, display, keyboard, mouse, or software.
  • Email/Calendar

Not for new Email accounts; strictly for Email/Calendar related issues.
  • Network

Wired or Wireless networking, internet problems, Access points, unable to get an IP address.
  • Printer

Problems with printers, paper jams, configuration issues.
  • Promethean Board

Anything having to do with a connected Promethean Board, issues with projectors.

Data and Testing

  • Achievement data custom report


  • DIBELS/Mclass


  • Illuminate

Illuminate/Dibels data import issues.

In House Applications

  • Elem. Report Cards

New passwords, access or problems specific to the Elementary Report Card program.
  • Staff Attendance App

Staff attendance application for COVID-19 State Reporting.
  • Web Request

A change to a web page, website, or Technology Services program.

External applications

  • Accelerated reader

  • Breakout EDU

  • Clever

  • Dreambox

  • GoGuardian Penalty Box

  • GoGuardian Teacher

  • Google

  • KickUp

  • Lexia

  • LittleSis

  • Parchment

  • Pearson Realize

  • PowerSchool Learning (Haiku)

Forgotten passwords, student in the incorrect school, or other problems in Haiku
  • Rise

  • Sched

  • School Messenger

Issues with the School Messenger telephone dialer software.

Network Team

  • Outage

Any system outage, server, network, router, switch. Unexpected shutdowns.
  • Server

  • UPS Battery

Malfunctioning and issues with UPS batteries.
  • VPN

Connections to RUSD Network from a remote site.
  • Web Filter Requests

RUSD Telephone System

Any problem with the Cisco phone, or change to your telephone number or location.

RUSD Website PDF

  • Staff Directory Change


  • Hot Spot

  • Other

Anything that does not fit into any of the other categories or unsure which category to use.
  • Zoom

Whitelisting Zoom Meetings.