Our department provides support and training in the use of projectors in your classroom.

Below you will find information on how to get started and more!

Connecting Cables and Computer

Using the Remote Control

Select the source on the remote by using the Source Search button.

You'll choose either HDMI-HDMI 1 or VGA-Computer1 depending on which connection you are using.

Tips & Tricks with the Remote Control

  • A/V Mute-Blackout

    • Remote

    • pen

  • Freeze-freeze projection and access other websites

    • Remote only

  • Pointer- arrow on screen

    • Remote only

  • E-Zoom-zoom in and out the image on the screen


If the pen position and cursor don't match you can use the Auto Calibration feature on the remote control by pressing the USER button.

If the pen position and cursor location don’t match, you can try auto calibration, or you can calibrate manually for even greater accuracy.

You don’t need a computer, and you won’t need to calibrate again unless the projector or image is moved, or the image is resized.

Operating The Interactive Pen

To turn on the pen, tap the pen tip or press the button on the side of the pen.

The green light comes on briefly.

If the battery is low, the light flashes

Two pen modes

*Orange is the standard pen provided. Blue can be purchased for collaboration

  1. Mouse Mode

    • Computer cursor

    • Controls desktop

      • Website

  2. Annotation mode

    • Draw over projection

    • Whiteboard

If you don’t have the USB cable plugged in to your computer and projector, the pen will not work as a mouse.

Damaged/non-working pens are replaced by our department. You must place a work order and we will send you a new one. Then, return the defective pen to ILE after you receive the replacement.

*Lost/missing pens will need to be replaced by your site*

Purchase a replacement Orange Pen HERE

Purchase the additional Blue Pen HERE


Annotating Options

Desktop Annotation Mode

Write over projection, slide presentation or whiteboard

-Hover over Mouse Mode

-Click to pop-up both modes

-Click on image of pen

Whiteboard Mode

Open a blank whiteboard (right side)

To go back to Desktop Mode choose the screen icon (left side)

Menu Explanation

No Computer Needed for Interactivity

Two different toolbars are available in PC Free Annotation mode, one for annotation mode and one for whiteboard annotation mode.

-Annotation mode displays the built-in toolbar on whatever image is being projected.

-Whiteboard annotation mode lets you project a white or black screen or background pattern, and use the pen to write or draw as you would on a chalkboard or dry erase board.

User Guides

Quick User Guide .pdf
Long User Guide.pdf
Interactive Tools Guide .pdf